Hi everybody! I am glad to give you a welcome to my website.

I am Alger Sans Pinillos, and I am from Barcelona (the Modernist one). I got my Doctorate’s Degree with research on the prescriptive character needed in Abductive Reasoning (2020). I did it in the PhD Programme in Cognitive Science and Language of the Autonomous University of Barcelona, and I obtained the qualification of Excellent with Cum Laude Distinction and the International Doctoral Research Component Award.

During my PhD, I was a Predoctoral Fellow in the Philosophy Department at the Autonomous University of Barcelona, thanks to the Training Program for University Teachers Grant (FPU-2015), from 2016 to 2020. During this period, I taught Philosophy in different Bachelor’s Degrees and Master’s Degrees. Of course, I combined teaching with research, as you can see in the CV section.

I obtained a Bachelor’s Degree in Philosophy at the Autonomous University of Barcelona (2009-2013), where I was awarded with the Extraordinary Prize of Degree in Philosophy (2013). I have a Master’s Degree in Theoretical and Practical Philosophy -Logic, History, and Philosophy of Science speciality,- at the National Distance Education University (2014).

Currently, I live in the little and unique Città di Domodossola, and I work as a Postdoctoral Fellow of Philosophy of Science in the Humanities Department (Philosophy Section) at the University of Pavia. Nowadays, I am still investigating on Abductive Reasoning in its various dimensions. At the same time, I am researching pragmatism, searching for the roots of abduction. Regarding the philosophy of science, I try to highlight the figure of Paul Karl Feyerabend, to whom we owe more than what has been recognized and to whom we have to reread in the light of the new conjunction between Epistemology and Cognitive Science.

As for hobbies, I play the violin and write poetry (or something like that). Also, I love spending time listening to music, and I confess that coffee and pipe smoking are my philosophical clichés par excellence.