24/05/2022- The book “Embodied, Extended, Ignorant Minds. Synthese Library, vol 463. Springer, Cham” has been published. Lorenzo Magnani and I have essayed the chapter: “How Do We Think about the Unknown? The Self-Awareness of Ignorance as a Tool for Managing the Anguish of Not Knowing.”

03/03/2022- It is published:  Sans Pinillos, A. (2022). Distribución abductiva de los valores culturales: el proyecto de Alejandría. In Estany, A. y Gensollen, M. (eds.), Diseño institucional e innovaciones democráticas. Aguascalientes, México: Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona-Universidad Autónoma de Aguascalientes. You can read it for free here: DISEÑO INSTITUCIONAL E INNOVACIONES DEMOCRÁTICAS | Portal de libros de la Universidad Autónoma de Aguascalientes (uaa.mx)

28/12/2021- The article I co-authored with Jordi Vallverdú, “What the #®¥§≠$ is Creativity?” has been published. It is part of the annual issue number 6 of the magazine “Debats: Journal on culture, power and society”.

10/12/2021- Last Friday, December 10th, I presented my paper “Observer and participant. The theory-praxis problem in research from an eco-cognitive perspective of abduction” at the IV International Colloquium on Argumentation and Rhetoric.

29/11/2021- The monographic: “Creativitat, cognició i disseny” (in Catalan and Spanish) has been published in “Debats: Revista de Cultura, Poder i Societat”, which includes an article I wrote together with Jordi Vallverdú (ICREA-UAB) entitled: “Què #®¥§≠$@ és la creativitat?”

15/10/2021- On October 15, I had the pleasure of participating with Prof. Dr. Agustín Adúriz Bravo in the IX Congreso Internacional Sobre Formación de Profesores de Ciencias with the talk: UN LUGAR PARA EL RAZONAMIENTO ABDUCTIVO EN LA FORMACIÓN DE PROFESORES DE CIENCIAS.

14/10/2021- Last October 14, I had the pleasure of participating in the “Ciclo de Palestras em Epistemologia e Filosofia da Ciência” (Universidade Fenderale de Goiás) with the talk “Las cuestiones de valor en el diagnóstico médico. Una aproximación del carácter prescriptivo del razonamiento abductivo” (Value issues in medical diagnosis. An approach to the prescriptive character of abductive reasoning).

14/09/2021- The book “EPISTEMOLOGÍA E INNOVACIÓN EN MEDICINA” has been published, in which I have collaborated with the chapter “Diferenciación entre la descripción y la prescripción en el Diagnóstico médico. Una aproximación desde el razonamiento abductivo”.

06/09/2021- I am very happy to announce that «Sans Pinillos, A. Neglected Pragmatism: Discussing Abduction to Dissolute Classical Dichotomies. Found Sci (2021). https://doi.org/10.1007/s10699-021-09817-x» has been released

19/07/2021- During the week of July 12-16, I have been teaching in the Critical Thinking course of the UAB Summer School. It has been an exhausting and very enriching week. After seeing the progress of the students, I can only feel happy with the work done.

23/04/2021- I am very excited to announce that it has been published today: LOPEZ-ORELLANA, R., & SANS PINILLOS, A. (2021). Ronald Giere, ¿semanticista? Una pregunta provocativa para el debate contemporáneo sobre la representación científica. ArtefaCToS. Revista De Estudios Sobre La Ciencia Y La tecnología, 10(1), 89-106. https://doi.org/10.14201/art202110189106

09/04/2021 – I gave the talk “Argumentum in Absentia. Herencia y consecuencias de la inferencia abductiva en filosofía de la ciencia” in the Tertulias Filosóficas, organized by the Research Program in Philosophy and Mathematics, the Institute of Mathematical Engineering, and the Institute of Philosophy of the University of Valparaíso, Chile.

17/02/2021 – Today, my doctoral thesis is now available online: Argumentum in Absentia. El paper de l’abducció en filosofia de la ciència i la seva dependència de valor prescriptiu (tdx.cat) (Click on the title to go to the website).

14/01/2021 – I will give a talk at the University of Valparaíso (Chile) on the current situation of debate on abductive reasoning, on the occasion of World Logic Day (UNESCO).

17/12/2020 – Today comes to light: Sans, A. (2020). Apuntes sobre los aspectos de valor prescriptivo del razonamiento abductivo. En D. P. Fernandes y R. Lopez-Orellana (Eds.), El jardín de senderos que se bifurcan y confluyen: Filosofía, Lógica y Matemáticas. Serie Selección de Textos (vol. 8, pp. 143-157). Valparaíso: Instituto de Filosofía, Universidad de Valparaíso. ISBN 978-956-402-647-3

15/12/2020 – The proceedings of the V Catalan Philosophy Congress (Canillo-Andorra, 2019) are now available. It includes a text written by me (in the Catalan language), entitled: «Arguments against the validity of the inference to the best available explanation from an eco-cognitive perspective of abduction» (Publication link).

02/11/2020 – Prof. Dr. Jordi Vallverdú (ICREA Acadèmia Researcher, UAB) and I have contribute in Catalan language to the latest Audens Journal issue with the article “Societat, política i COVID-19: les cultures (científiques) de l’epidemiologia” (Publication link).

14/10/2020 – I’m taking part in an event: 16th World Congress on Public Health 2020. Public health for the future of humanity: analysis, advocacy and action (WCPH 2020) -, talking on “Abductive reasoning on humans/AI interactions in medical contexts” in the 13.C. – Workshop: “Epistemic and ethical innovations in public health research” with Prof. Dr. David Casacuberta, Dr. Prof. Angel Puyol, and Dr. Prof. Anna Estany (all of them from UAB).

10/09/2020 – Defense of my doctoral thesis “Argumentum in Absentia” in the Sala d’Actes (B7/1058) of the Faculty of Arts and Humanities at Autonomous University of Barcelona (16:00).